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The Founding of Thomas Jefferson’s University edited by John a Ragosta, Peter S. Onuf, and Andrew j. O’Shaughnessy

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Nineteen scholars contributed to this book that focuses on the founding of the University of Virginia in 1819, 200 years ago.  Although much emphasis is placed on Thomas Jefferson’s understanding, even philosophy, of architecture, books, and academic study, recent scholarship has developed a deeper understanding that replaces the idealizing of his thinking with more nuanced appraisals. For example, Jefferson’s architectural philosophy was clearly grounded in segregating the appearance of the slaves and other workers from the everyday views of the faculty and students. This book even has a chapter on slavery at U.Va. written by Maurie D. McInnis, an editor of Educated in Tyranny: Slavery at Thomas Jefferson’s University, reviewed in this month’s reviews. “This intriguing collection provides current scholarship about Jefferson's plans for the new University of Virginia, connecting the founding of the institution with the lively issues facing UVA in the present and the future. This courageous approach fends off ancestor worship and helps make the historic university and Jefferson’s ideas part of a living dialectic." - John R. Thelin. The editors are John A. Ragosta, of the Center for Jefferson Studies at Monticello, Peter S. Onuf, Professor Emeritus at the University of Virginia, and Andrew J. O’Shaughnessy of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Monticello. 

Charlottesville: The University of Virginia Press, 2019. 341 pages with an Index and illustrations. Hardback with dust jacket.