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The Battle of Richmond, Kentucky: 1862 Weather and Civil War Digest by Paul Rominger

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The Battle of Richmond, Kentucky, occurred on August 29th and 30th, when the Confederate Army of Kentucky attached the Union forces protecting Richmond.  The Confederate victory is considered the most decisive of the War because most of the Union troops retreated never to regroup again. The Confederates went on to take Lexington and Frankfort, the only state capitol of a state that did not secede that they captured, but in October they were decisively defeated in the Battle of Perryville and never again controlled Kentucky. The first 50 pages of this book concern the Battle of Richmond, followed by a chapter on the history of Richmond, one on the history of nearby Berea, and four chapters on the Civil War as a whole.  In those later chapters, Sharyn Mitchell asserts, “Paul offers glimpses of the invisible warriors who operated behind the lines of the Civil War. He pays tribute to women, Native Americans, and African Americans whose services were crucial to the war efforts, but who were often unnoticed and unsung in the struggle for freedom and equality.”  The author, Paul Rominger, is a Berea native who served as a junior high and high school history teacher and school administrator.

Morley, Missouri: Acclaim Press, 2020. 240 pages with an Index, Sources, and many photos. Hardback in dust jacket.