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Small Treasons by Mark Powell

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“There is no doubt about it, Powell has established himself as a voice not only of Appalachia, but of all contemporary American Literature.” – Southern Literary Review. Set in the mountains of North Georgia, this novel, Powell’s fifth, is the story of Tess and John Maynard, a couple with three young children haunted not only by domestic stresses but also by John’s former life overseas as a CIA operative and the way that international events can penetrate deeply into America. “Both richly regional and ambitiously international in scope, Small Treasons probes the murky depths of a troubled marriage, moving between the personal and the political with lyrical ease. Powell’s characters—flawed, contemplative, and viscerally alive—pine for meaningful communication as they struggle to ground their identities in a complex world . . .” – Julia Elliott. “You find yourself wanting to believe in Powell’s characters because he turns them into townspeople of your unconscious by the power of his art.” – Pat Conroy. “A story rich and intricate, propulsive and satisfying. Mark Powell has been the South’s best-kept secret for far too long.” – David Joy. “What a marvelous novel.” – Ron Rash. Mark Powell grew up in the South Carolina Blue Ridge, did his undergraduate work at the Citadel, and received graduate degrees in English at USC and religion at Yale. He teaches English at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina.

New York, Gallery Books/Simon and Schuster, a 2018 paperback edition of a 2017 release. 384 pages. Trade paperback