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Sequoyah by Robert J. Conley

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Sequoyah by Robert J. Conley

Sequoyah is arguably the single most significant and important figure in the history of the Cherokee people.Born in the late 18th century, Sequoyah's life was marked by the major conflicts and events of his time.From the expulsion and massacres, to the Indian wars fought at the side of Andrews Jackson, to the treaty violations and removals to the reservations, Sequoyah was a revered leader of the Cherokee.But as important as he was to the unfolding events of history, Sequoyah is best remembered for his singular contribution to the Cherokee culture and language. Sequoyah produced the first syllabary for Cherokee, through which their history, tradition, and cultured was recorded and preserved. Robert J. Conley is one of the most acclaimed writers of the American West and of his own peopled, the Cherokee, having won myriad fans with his moving historical novels about the Real People.In Sequoyah, he brings to vivid life one of the single most significant figures in the Cherokee people- a man who fought for his people's survival with both actions and words, and triumphed using ideas. AUTHORBIO: Robert J. Conley is the author of nearly forty novels, including his much praised "Real People" novels about the Cherokee.Three-time winner of the Spur Award as well as a finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award, among many other honors, Conley is Cherokee and lives in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.



New York: St. Martin's Press, 2002 - 217p