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Lost Cove, North Carolina: Portrait of a Vanished Appalachian Community: 1864-1957 by Christy A. Smith

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This is number 53 in McFarland’s Contributions of Appalachian Studies series of books that illuminate our region in a way that combines great human interest and important scholarship. Lost Cove, North Carolina, never had a road into it, and that is why by 1957, 93 years after white people first settled there, they had all moved on. The fact that the trails into the community all originated in Unicoi County, Tennessee, made the prospect of a road into a community located in Yancey and Mitchell Counties in North Carolina, a difficult case for the residents to argue, though they did work hard to make the case. The author interviewed former residents during four different years of the decade from 2007 to 2017 and searched all kinds of records, including those of the Carolina, Clinchfield, and Ohio railroad. “The well-done research and interviews conducted by the author ensure that Lost Cove is not forgotten. A truly wonderful book.” – Booklist. The author teaches Appalachian Studies part-time at King University in Bristol, Tennessee.

Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland, 2022. 183 pages with an Index, Bibliography, Notes, Appendix, and many photos. Trade paperback.