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Going to the Water by Ann Hite

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The water that Isla Weehunt returns to is North Carolina’s Nantahala River Gorge where she grew up after her estranged sister dies in a house fire leaving her teenaged son, Randal, with only Isla to raise him. “Ann Hite’s masterful storytelling is on full display in this vivid whirlwind of a read. She had me in the palm of her hand through all the twists and turns. Compelling and atmospheric.” – Lynn Cullen. “A vivid, captivating novel that unfolds with intrigue and nuance, Going to the Water has all the elements you’d hope for in a multi-layered, Southern-set story: complicated family ties, misunderstanding and secrets, a mysterious past that haunts, spunky characters with pitch-perfect vernacular and their own agendas, and a pithy, unpredictable plot in a lush setting that delightfully exemplifies the South as a place.” – Claire Fullerton. The author of Going to the Water, Ann Hite, has written several award-winning novels, She lives near Powder Springs Georgia.

Birmingham, Alabama: Firefly Southern Fiction/Iron Stream Media, 2021. 246 pages. Trade paperback.