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Above the Waterfall by Ron Rash - SIGNED

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What happens above this fictional waterfall in the North Carolina mountains is a local woman is accused of poisoning the trout stream. Two characters with very different backgrounds are both drawn to the beauty of the area and to each other as they are forced to deal with the situation. Les, is the county sheriff, drawn away from his everyday struggle with the local meth epidemic, and Beck is a park ranger, drawn away from dealing with the tourists. “[T]hick with atmosphere, lyrical prose, and a visceral sense of place… Rash has crafted the finest prose of his career… another quiet, haunting ode to the natural beauty of the mountains.”  - BookPage. “Rash is an enormously gifted storyteller... one of the few writers at work today with the insight, the talent and the vision to show us how sometimes, for all our sorry shortcomings, we’re able to achieve a certain redemption through our capacity for kindness and decency.” - Washington Post. “Rash captures the gritty realities of modern Appalachia with mournful precision...the novel contemplates timeless questions about human frailty, the divinity of nature and the legacies of our native landscapes.” -Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

New York: Ecco/HarperCollins, 2015. 252 pages. Hardback in dust jacket.